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SANTA FE ROCKS! Support keeps pouring in from inside and outside the community! Keep it up by showing your Love to these families, there are many!  We will keep producing as long as you keep ordering.  Well Done!.  Thank you again for showing your love.  God Speed!  ~Sarge.

Patriot Tees - Advertising Specialties - Affordable!

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Patriot Tees - Advertising Specialties - Affordable

Located in Santa Fe, Texas, we are a small, family owned and operated print shop. The difference?  We are Inspired!  The Deal?  We promise to save you money & provide you with a great product experience.  In return, you simply tell a friend about us. Fair Enough?

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Santa Fe, our Almighty God still sits on the Throne.  We would all do well to NEVER forget that.  Stay United, Stay STRONG.  Stay SANTA FE STRONG!   Keep one another in prayer and pray often, as we should.  We are still offering the following: Santa Fe Strong Tee Shirt or Yard Sign or Flag and decals upon request. Please click the Products Link above and follow the Santa Fe Strong Link.  Thank you.